Diplomatic Mission 2014, 12 to 19 january

Seminario Napoli Min, Al Amin.1



The forthcoming trip to Libya, 12 to 19 january 2014, will accomplish a “Diplomatic Mission” to meet the officials of the Local Council in Jadu and the Ministers of Culture and of Tourism in Tripoli. Agreements already reached in the previous missions will be implemented with the new leaders. An agreement will be sought with the Adrar ‘Nfusen Local Councils, the DoA, and the Ministries of Culture and of Tourism, to appoint Wadi Adrar to lead the studies of the Autochthonous Vernacular Architecture in the Adrar ‘Nfusen in partnership with the Libyan Government الحكومة الليبية المؤقتة – Libyan interim government.Rollei_MG_2012